Inside-Out Beauty Membership


We get it. 

Beautiful, healthy skin isn’t as simple as a single yearly aesthetic procedure. To truly keep up with optimal skin and body maintenance takes effort. Much of the aesthetic industry is geared towards cutting-edge procedures that are exciting, effective, and … expensive. Too often, the cost and effort of maintenance make it difficult to continue with the treatments that best combat aging and maximize skin brightness, smoothness, tightness, and elasticity. 

For this reason we have created a monthly membership plan. This membership plan makes it simple and affordable to take advantage of top aesthetic procedures at a fraction of the regular cost. This membership plan offers multiple different types of treatments, so you have the luxury of trying a few or trying them all! Our talented and highly trained staff will work with you to determine which treatments work best with your specific skin type and concerns. 


Explore the benefits of our Inside-Out Beauty Membership Program from Dr. Laramie Wheeler.

How It Works

Dr. Laramie Wheeler explains how the Inside-Out Beauty Membership Program works, and which services are available to you.

Additional Benefits

Dr. Laramie Wheeler explains additional benefits you receive by being an Inside-Out Member.

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How does it work?


You come in for a free consultation with one of our talented aestheticians who will help outline a treatment plan. A $99 set-up fee is charged and an agreement for 6 months of monthly charges to bank or credit card is signed. 


$99 is automatically charged to your bank account or credit card (a small additional fee is included for credit cards). After 6 months you are welcome to go month-to-month.


Each month, you come in for the treatment of your choice. At the time of your treatments you and your aesthetician will decide which next treatment will be best. 

$99 Membership Treatments

(non-member prices in parenthesis)

Clearlift Laser Resurfacing ($350)

IPL ($350)

RF Skin Tight ($350)

Acne Laser ($300)

Microneedling ($250)

Silk Peel ($250)

45-60 Min Laser Hair Removal ($240)

Power Lift CBD Facial & Light Therapy ($200)

Botanical Back Facial & Hot Stone Therapy ($200)

Acne Facial ($175)

Nutritional IV ($145)

*Due to the costs of materials, we cannot offer the ozone IV for $99, but we do keep it as affordable for you as we can!

Nonmember price in parentheses

Price Reductions for Members

MAH (Ozone & UBI IV) $135 ($200)

RF Pixel Microplasma Resurfacing $300 ($650)

Accent Prime Bodysculpting & Cellulite Reduction (Per Area) $150 ($300)

Coolsculpting (Per Cycle) $450 ($700)

Tattoo Removal (Per area up to 4" X 4") $200 ($350)

PDO Threads, Smooth (Per pack) $125 ($200)

Platelet Rich Plasma (Add-on to Microneedle) $99 ($150)

Chemical Peel (Standalone) $85 ($200)

Chemical Peel (Add-on to Microneedle) $40 ($40)

Lash Lift & Tint $75 ($90)

Lash Lift $60 ($80)

Brow Lamination & Tint $75 ($90)

Brow Lamination $60 ($80)

15 Min Laser Hair Removal $40 ($60)

Dermaplane $45 ($80)

Frequently Asked Questions

Six months. After that you are welcome to go on a month-to-month basis or stop your membership.


Simply call and talk to our membership manager who can pause your payments or work out other arrangements.

No. However, we do have a separate “Turn Back Time” membership specifically for botulinum toxins, fillers, and threads.

One of our team members will consult with you and help you get started.

Whichever you prefer. For most of our patients, credit cards are preferable, even though they come with a couple dollars additional processing fee.

Simply talk to our membership manager who will arrange to have payments paused until you get back.