Power Lift Anti-Aging Facial

Achieve incredible lifting, firming, and smoothing with this treatment that penetrates deeply and stimulates renewal through active ingredients and multi-wavelength light therapy.

Cutting edge botanical and active ingredients fight against wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, and dullness while stimulating and supporting cellular regeneration and repair. They penetrate deeply to purify congested pores and provide nourishment. 

Other specific plant derivatives are loaded with micronutrients and substances that nourish and support cellular turnover while boosting cellular oxygenation and ATP production that leads to youthful, radiant skin. 

This facial can decrease inflammation and oxidative stress, both of which are major contributors to aging and degeneration. It also helps to balance oil production and fight against acne breakouts. It is powerful enough to protect against environmental stress and daily wear but also gentle enough for use on sensitive and irritated skin. 

LED photon light therapy combines different wavelengths of light that each possess unique healing capacities and work synergistically to maximize effectiveness of other facial treatments. Promotes cellular repair and regeneration for the appearance of optimal youthful skin.  

  • 640 nm red light: boosts your natural collagen production and combats signs of aging. Soothes inflammation. Stimulates circulation and oxygen delivery to cells.
  • 423 nm blue light: kills the bacteria that contribute to acne and breakouts. Can help normalize the size of oil glands.
  • 583 nm yellow light: supports collagen production and wound healing. Can help subdue rosacea and redness. Stimulates the lymphatic system that assists with toxin removal. 

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