Trauma Release

IPT or Integrative Processing Technique allows you to heal the emotional scar tissue around your strongest fears, your hidden pain, your stuffed anger, your deep burning shame, and your most traumatic experiences. Participating in IPT can facilitate true resolution in your heart and make space for peace. It is able to reach the untouchable feelings, and allow you to feel seen, heard, and validated. It is effective in easing the burdens developed through experiencing the most intense trauma or simply the day-to-day grind of life. It can clear away the static and allow you to be more present in your life. 
Every experience, every feeling is registered and stored by the brain and body as information or data. The brain and body compile that data and draw conclusions. These conclusions are made with the intent to protect us. 
So we learn that fire hurts when it burns, certain food tastes better than others, and more. But we are also processing emotional data that the brain tries to make sense of from a staggeringly young age. 
If those conclusions are negative or imbalanced, we will begin to expect negativity or imbalance from the rest of our life experience. Again, this is all done in an attempt to protect ourselves and those we love. 
If those conclusions are never updated, they are still active. This means that if you had a difficult and confusing experience when you were 2 years old, and you have never addressed the conclusions you came to at that age, then your current self will be processing adult situations through the filter created by a 2-year-old. You may also react like a 2-year-old --loud, explosive anger, immediately defensive, judgmental, constantly threatened. Or you may suffer from anxiety, or crippling perfectionism. 
“Adulting,” then can feel difficult, overwhelming, and maybe even impossible. Relationships could feel tenuous or dangerous. Your self image might be suffering. The future may seem unwinnable. Maybe you think that being financially stable or successful is impossible for someone like you. Communicating and being understood might feel laughable. 
This can change! It is within your power to heal. Your quality of life can drastically improve.
An IPT process will feel something like a guided and compassionate conversation with your younger self. You get to go back in time and show up for yourself and be the parent, the friend, the listening ear, the hero, and the rescuer that you may not have had in reality. Through visualization, conversation, releasing emotional energy into shapes and colors, and other powerful tools, you are able to rewrite your own past. You keep the knowledge, learning, and understanding of what happened without the pain or trauma holding you hostage in the past. 
Painful and traumatic memories rarely need to be intensely rehashed unless you want to go into detail. The process hinges on your experience and how it impacted you, not simply on what happened to you.  
IPT is a blend of alternative healing modalities. IPT is comparable to EMDR but with more conscious self direction and involvement. The session doesn’t end until a level of emotional closure is reached. This usually takes between 75 - 120 minutes (1hr 15 min - 2 hrs). 

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