Cellulite Reduction

Utilizing the powers of the Alma Accent Prime, Wholesome Health is excited to deliver clients like you an effective, easy treatment for stubborn cellulite! To explain how this procedure works, first you have to know…

What is Cellulite?

Pesky fat, that’s what it is! Cellulite forms when individual fat pockets become engorged and lift areas of the connective tissue beneath the skin, causing a dimpling effect. It’s most commonly found on the thighs, hips, and buttocks, but it can be found (and treated) on other parts of the body as well. While overall health and lifestyle plays a role in creating cellulite, it’s often due to genetics–something you can’t control!

Cellulite Reduction via the Alma Accent Prime

In order to reduce the appearance of these bothersome fat pockets, the Alma Accent Prime gently uses the combined forces of RadioFrequency and UltraSound energy along with massage to stimulate the metabolism of the fat cells. This causes collagen fibers deep within the skin to contract, which tightens and visibly smooths the appearance of cellulite while draining lymph nodes in the adipose tissue. The selective nature of the Alma Accent allows your trained technician to reach the depths needed for you to see results quickly and safely.

What Can I Expect From This Treatment?

This procedure is very safe, comfortable, and requires no downtime! The Alma Accent Prime is safe for all skin types and colors and is highly controllable, so it does no damage to the tissue around the targeted site. There’s a good chance you will even enjoy the heated mechanical massage, temperature-controlled by a built-in cooling system within the device. While results vary depending on severity, most patients with moderate cellulite can expect to see substantial results within 3 to 6 sessions on a monthly or bimonthly basis. In between appointments, you’ll be able to go about your life as usual, with no downtime needed.

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