Lip Flip

Unveil your perfect pout with a lip flip!

Subtle, cost-effective secret to a captivating smile!

Woman's lips getting injected by injector nurse
Looking for a natural, subtle enhancement to your smile? Discover the magic of Lip Flips at Wholesome Health & Aesthetics! using a precisely controlled dose of neurotoxin, we relax the orbicularis oris muscle surrounding your lips, creating an elegant "lift" that reveals more of your natural lip. This treatment doesn't add volume, but rather allows the beauty of your existing lips to shine through. It's a gentler alternative to fillers, offering a more affordable and understated transformation.
With just 4-6 units of Botox, the art of the Lip Flip is in its simplicity. The process is quick and involves a minor pinch from a very tiny needle. You'll start noticing the change in just a few days, with full effects visible after 7-10 days.
The Lip Flip is a unique way to soften vertical lip lines and add fullness to your upper lip, and its effects typically last around 8 weeks. Remember to avoid putting too much pressure on your lips for 24 hours post-treatment to ensure the best results. Unveil your refreshed, captivating smile with our Lip Flip treatment today.

Neurotoxin/Botox is injected into the orbicularis oris muscle which is around the lips. This will relax the muscle and "lift" the lips. Does NOT add volume- it just makes more of your lips show.

The Lip Flip is a more natural, affordable, and subtle change to your lips. Filler adds more volume, is more expensive, and is much more significant, making your lips larger.

The price of Lip Flip depends on which product you use and how many units. Starting with 4-6 units of Botox. If Botox = $11/ unit, your total equals $44. (Note that prices vary)The price of filler also varies depending on which product you decide to use. At Wholesome Health & Aesthetics, we use Versa, which currently costs $450 for 1 syringe. (Note that prices vary) Other places charge upwards of $700 for a syringe of filler.

Pregnant women, women who are nursing, those with an important event in the next 2 weeks (graduation, pictures, etc.) any recent dental or upcoming dental appointments, have any infections around the mouth (canker/cold sores), or are allergic to botulinum neurotoxin should not do a Lip Flip.

The orbicularis oris muscle is the circular muscle around the mouth. It squeezes the mouth shut and purses the lips. By relaxing the contraction of this muscle, it will soften the vertical lip lines and give you more fullness in the upper lip.

Yes, a little bit of a pinch from using a very tiny needle. Injectors use an ice pack to numb your upper lip before injecting.

Usually you will start feeling the changes in 3-4 days, but it will not take full effect for 7-10 days.

You will begin to notice that you can't purse your lips as strongly. Things like whistling or blowing up balloons are difficult. Some people report trouble using straws or spitting when you brush your teeth. It should not affect your ability to talk, eat, or smile.

Everybody's results will vary. Results typically last around 8 weeks. It doesn't last as long as Botox in other parts of the face because we use the mouth muscles so much that it breaks down and metabolizes faster. We recommend taking a picture of your relaxed and pursed lips prior to your Lip Flip appointment. It will feel most intense for about 2-3 weeks. Then we get used to it and may feel like it's not working anymore. However, if you compare it to your "before" picture, you will see that your pucker is not as strong and your lips look more lifted for at least 6-8 weeks.

Avoid too much pressure on your lips for at least 24 hours. (Kissing, brushing your teeth, rubbing lips, sleeping on face, etc.) Avoid infection by keeping the skin around the injection site clean.

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