Slimming Shot

Ready to improve your MOOD and ENERGY while shrinking your waistline?
This quick, easy shot provides a powerful combination of nutrients necessary for metabolism and for mobilizing fat stores. Many of these nutrients are also vital for mood regulation and protection against depression and anxiety.

Ingredient information

Inositol: Helps your body break down fat stores. Improves the function of serotonin. Increases satiety. Decreases appetite and cravings. Balances the nervous system.

    Choline: Promotes efficient metabolism and helps the liver gets rid of “trapped” fats. Supports nerve function, muscle movement, energy levels, and healthy metabolism. Improves learning, memory, and concentration.

      Vitamin C: Increases fat breakdown, especially during exercise. Boosts detoxification. Decreases inflammation and promotes synthesis of new, healthy tissue.

        Methionine: An essential amino acid that is necessary to make proteins, metabolize sugars, and support the immune system.

          B vitamins: These vitamins are vital for turning fat and carbohydrates into energy. Also necessary for nerve function, balancing hormones, supporting the adrenals, managing stress, and thousands of reactions necessary for appropriate healing and repair of tissues. Promotes the formation of the myelin sheath in nerves. Contribute to restful sleep and combats against chronic fatigue and the effects of chronic stress.

          • Thiamine (B1): Coenzyme used for turning carbohydrates and nutrients into energy.
          • Supports the nerves and cardiovascular system. Fights against the effects of chronic stress. Combats chronic fatigue.
          • Dexpanthenol (B5): Helps the body turn carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy. Supports adrenals. Necessary for production of sex and steroid hormones. Protects against hair loss, chronic fatigue. Combats chronic stress. Protects the heart and liver.
          • Pyridoxine (B6): Supports and calms the nervous system. Nourishes adrenals. Coenzyme needed to break down fats. Helps the thyroid, heart, and skin. Contributes to restful sleep.
          • Methylcobalamin (B12): Vital for proper nerve conduction by contributing to the formation of myelin. Balances hormones. Helps with adrenal fatigue. Necessary for proper metabolism.

          Carnitine: a main player in the cellular machinery responsible for turning fats into ATP (energy). Used commonly in supplements for its anti-aging, weight loss, and athletic enhancing benefits.


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