Salicinium IV

Salicinium is a plant-derived treatment that can provide beneficial support in the fight against cancer. While more research still needs to be done to completely understand its mechanisms, there are several exciting benefits for cancer and chronic illnesses.

In a correctly-functioning immune system, cells that are mutated or damaged are recognized and destroyed. Cancer cells have multiple ways of evading that immune destruction, and one of those ways is through an enzyme called nagalase.  Nagalase is secreted by cancer cells, and it allows those cells to hide from the immune system and avoid destruction. It is sometimes referred to as cancer cells’ cloak of invisibility. Salicinium works by shutting down the cellular production of nagalase. 

Salicinium assists with the destruction of cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact. Studies show that it can also increase the efficacy of chemotherapy or radiation by making cancer cells more susceptible to these treatments. This can also help lessen the side effects from these treatments. 
Salicinium also helps boost the immune system by activating certain immune cells, such as natural killer cells, which play a key role in identifying and destroying cancer cells. This partly explains its benefit in many chronic illnesses, including lyme disease. 
Lyme disease and many other chronic illnesses can shut down cellular energy production. This decrease in energy production impacts every other system and can manifest as fatigue, weight loss, insomnia, anxiety, depression, poor wound healing, poor digestion, impaired detoxification, chronic pain, and constant feelings of malaise. Salicinium has been shown to help restore energy production, thereby improving cellular function and overall health. 
Another potential benefit of salicinium is improvement in detoxification by supporting liver function. By helping the body to eliminate toxins, salicinium may help reduce the overall burden on the immune system, thereby freeing the immune cells to more effectively target and destroy diseased or cancerous cells.

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