Reversal Creme Wholesome Aesthetics
Reversal Creme Wholesome Aesthetics
Reversal Creme Wholesome Aesthetics
Reversal Creme Wholesome Aesthetics

Reversal Creme

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A high-end anti-aging and skin resurfacing cream that harnesses the gentle but powerful effects of botanicals. 

Even in the high-end retail market of skin products, most lotions and creams contain synthetic ingredients that can do more damage than good. Furthermore, most products that claim to have “natural” or “botanical” additives contain a mere trace of what they advertise.

This creme contains high amounts of botanical constituents that help heal, nourish, and repair skin that is tired, stressed, and aged. 

It contains the patented and highly effects UGL Complex ™ & Derm SRC ™ and Argireline ™ which have been shown in clinic studies to dramatically dimish fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing, firming, and moisturizing the skin. This regenerative formula is also abundant in vitamins and liposomes, further assisting in skin and capillary repair. Rosehip oil, BV-OSC ™ (active, stable vitamin C), Vitazyme ™ A Plus (special patented form of Vitamin A from carrots), along with exotic essential oils, including sandalwood, rose, ylang ylang, and magnolia help boost your cell’s regulation and regenerative properties, quickly improving the appearance of your skin.


Neroli flower water

Increases cell turnover. Antiinflammatory. Brightens skin.

Caprylic/capric TG 

Emollient that keeps skin soft, supple, and protected. Derived from coconut oil. Lightweight and easily absorbed.

Bambusa vulgaris extract pisum (DERM SRG)

Natural exfoliant and collagen booster. Derivative of bamboo plant, natural source of trace minerals.


Glucosamine and algae extract. Boost collagen production. Speeds cell turnover Derm SRC ™  and UGL Complex ™  -- naturally resurface skin. Brightening. Great in-between use between spa treatments. Gentle exfoliants.

Cocos nucifera

Emollient that keeps skin soft and elastic. Replaces the essential the fatty acids in skin that are stripped away with soaps. Antimicrobial.


Emollient that soothes, softens, and protects skin. Anti-inflammatory


Contains natural salicylates that help combat irritation, inflammation, and aging. Known by many in the natural world as the “skin and hair panacea.”

Apricot kernel oil

Emollient that contributes to hydrating and softening.

Rosehip seed oil

Emollient. Good anti-aging oil with carotenoids. Enhances skin repair.

Glyceryl stearate (from plant source)

Natural emulsifying wax that helps give it a creamy consistency and helps other ingredients from separating out.

Cetearyl alcohol

Fatty alcohol that contributes to the creamy consistency. Keeps ingredients from separating. Protects skin. Used instead of the damaging parabens, lanolin, waxes and petroleum products found in other products.


Product derived from coconut oil. Antimicrobial. Skin protectant. 

Apple fruit extract and glycerin

Anti inflammatory. Protects and soothes skin. Concentrated form of apple polysaccharies which are anti-aging. Glycerin is a humectant that helps the skin retain moisture.

Amino acid complex

Helps smooth skin and retain moisture. Also helps skin healing and turnover. 

Calendula officinalis

Anti-inflammatory. Anti-allergy. Antioxidant. Soothing to irritated skin.


Anti-inflammatory. Reduces appearance of wrinkles.

Saccharide isomerate

Helps skin retain moisture.  Fermentation derived.


B vitamin that helps moisturize skin. Anti-aging. Boost tissue elasticity and integrity.


Vitamin E. Emollient. Anti-aging. Anti-oxidant.

Vitamin A

Carrot-derivative beta carotene. Enhances skin turnover. Works like a very gentle retin-A without the side effects. Safe for all ages.


Stable vitamin C ester. Boosts collagen. Reduces melanin synthesis. Helps clear acne. Overall anti-aging.

Green tea leaf extract

Anti-inflammatory. Anti-aging. Antioxidant. Natural preservative that boost the effect of other natural preservatives.

Seaweed extract

Contains trace minerals that support cellular integrity and skin turnover. Anti-wrinkle.

Sandalwood EO

Anti-wrinkle. Anti-aging.

Rose EO

Anti-aging. Anti-inflammatory.

Ylang ylang

Anti-aging. Sebum balancer

Vanilla fruit extract

Antioxidant. Smells good.

Ethyl lauoyl arginate HCL

Naturally derived from coconut oil. Broad spectrum preservative non-toxic, non-irritant. Approved for organic product and food use.

Citric acid

pH balancer

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