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Calcium determines the strength of teeth, bones, and muscles, and it plays a vital role in every organ and body system. Unfortunately, this mineral is not easily absorbed. The innovative supplement Ultra Cal-Mag Chelate increases absorption and promotes maximum delivery to cells by combining calcium in several different forms. Ultra Cal-Mag Chelate also contains magnesium, which assists other chemicals in calcium absorption by depositing calcium into the teeth and bones rather than the soft tissues.  

  • Calcium: The goal of calcium supplementation is to get it through the lining of the gut, into the bloodstream, and then into the cell. There are many forms of calcium, and they are not all created equal! These different forms have different amounts of actual calcium (referred to as elemental calcium) and different bioavailability. It is best to use a combination of calcium forms so that each type can enhance the function of the others.
    • Amino acid chelate: Chelate refers to the type of bonding that occurs between elements. Minerals (like calcium and magnesium) are metal ions that chemically bond with other compounds. Different combinations optimize how well minerals can be absorbed into the gut and assimilated into the cells. Absorption into the body is greatly increased when amino acids are chelated to calcium and magnesium. 
    • Calcium carbonate: One of the two most popular calcium forms found in supplements, calcium carbonate is relatively inexpensive and contains the highest amount of elemental calcium. It is not as easily absorbed as calcium citrate, and it is best taken with food since it requires more stomach acid for absorption. 
    • Calcium citrate: This other popular form is more easily absorbed than calcium carbonate, but contains less elemental calcium and must be used in higher quantities. This type of calcium is found in Citracal.

Note: More does not necessarily mean better! Even in more bioavailable forms, the body is not capable of absorbing large amounts of calcium at once. It is better to take smaller amounts (up to 500 mg) 2-3 times a day. 


  • Magnesium: As an enzyme activator, magnesium is essential for hundreds of cellular reactions which contribute to the repair, stability, and resilience of cells. It supports every system and structure, particularly the skin, bones, teeth, and heart. In the body, approximately 40% of magnesium is found in cells, 60% is found in bones and teeth, and a small amount is found in bodily fluids. Although magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, only 0.3% is found in serum, making routine blood tests a poor indicator of overall magnesium levels. Magnesium impacts absorption and metabolism of calcium by converting Vitamin D into its active form. This form of Vitamin D can raise overall calcium levels by increasing absorption from the intestines. In addition, magnesium coordinates chemical messengers to shuttle calcium into the bone instead of depositing it to calcify and harden in soft tissues and vessels. 
    • Magnesium oxide: This combination of magnesium and oxygen calms nerves, relaxes muscles, and stimulates bowels. Although it is not absorbed as well as other forms, it contains the highest amount of elemental magnesium. 
    • Magnesium chelate: Similar to the amino acid chelate discussed above, this form is bonded to several different amino acids and is easier to absorb. 
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Ultra Cal-Mag Chelate 100 ct


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