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Soprano Ice

Ready to get rid of the razor for good but no wanting to endure the pain of laser hair removal? We have what you are looking for! Introducing the Soprano ICE hair removal laser.

What makes this treatment so great?

The Alma Soprano ICE Platinum laser machine uses the most cutting-edge technology on the market to effectively and quickly stop hair growth without the pain that comes with other machines. The “ICE” part of the name refers to its patented cooling system that minimizes discomfort. Furthermore, the in-motion technology of the Soprano ICE Platinum gives 10 treatment pulses per second, allowing for significantly faster treatment times than other lasers. This allows you to comfortably get in, get out, and get on with your day!!

Is it completely painless?

Because everyone feels discomfort and pain differently we can’t claim that it is 100% pain free. We can claim that the patented ICE cooling technology will allow you a significantly more comfortable hair removal experience than you would have with other machines.

Can it be used on tanned or dark skin?

Yes. One of the biggest concerns with other devices is that they cannot be used on darker skin, but the technology of the Soprano ICE allows it to be safely used on all skin types, including suntanned skin.

How many treatments will I need?

Everyone is completely unique in this regard. The number of treatments needed will depend on multiple factors including hair thickness, pigment, and location. A patient’s hormonal balance and nutritional status will also likely play a role. The average number of treatments needed for complete treatment is 6-8.

What is the cost?

This generally comes down to multiple other factors that impact how many treatments are needed. Please contact our office for a free consultation.

How does it differ from other types of hair removal systems?

• Both treat the skin with intense light energy which turns into heat in the skin. This heat causes damage to the hair follicle and slows growth of new hairs.

• Both are attracted to pigment such as the pigment in hair follicles. This is the reason the treatments are more effective with dark hairs than light. Darker hairs have more pigment to attract the light, hence making them a better target.

• The energy of the light is converted to heat. The heat reaches a critical point in the follicle, causing destruction that will lead to a slowing or permanent cessation of hair growth.

• Both usually require several treatments to effectively treat the hair follicles in their varying stages of growth.

Differences between IPL and laser:

• IPL utilizes broad spectrum visible light (multiple wavelengths), whereas lasers utilize only one wavelength.

• Because the IPL uses a broader spectrum of light it spreads out and can cover bigger areas than the laser. This can make treatments faster but also is potentially less effective and would require more treatments. It also makes it a more risky option for darker skin tones since the light will likely be attracted to the pigment in both the hair and the skin.

• Laser light is more specific and doesn’t spread as much as IPL. This means it more effectively targets the hair follicle without destroying the pigment in the skin. This makes it a better option for darker skin tones (including natural sun tans).

• Because laser light is more expensive to generate it often costs more. That being said, it is also more effective and requires fewer treatments.


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