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Wholesome Aesthetics is a medical and aesthetics clinic located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Our staff consists of board certified medical and esthetician professionals committed to helping patients feel better in all aspects of their lives. 

Dr. Laramie Wheeler

Dr. Wheeler is a board-certified family physician who has been interested in natural healing her entire life. Growing up, she always had a keen interest in the healing arts and studied many different modalities of healing long before she entered medical school. She completed her undergraduate studies at  Brigham Young University after which she attended Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. She then completed a residency in Family Medicine through Idaho State University. While in residency, she was introduced to Dr. Jean Claude Lapraz, a medical doctor from France, who founded “endobiogeny,” a method of healing based on balancing the body in its most holistic sense. 

From him she learned a great deal about herbs and supplements and their role in healing. She also learned how to approach the body as a whole rather than just compartmentalizing different organ systems. Although she enjoyed her practice in conventional medicine, she felt that there was much to be desired in its approach to chronic and degenerative conditions. 

Her primary goal is to help people feel well, and for this purpose she has changed her practice to focus more on endobiogeny and natural approaches to healing. In her experience the best results usually come from plant-based therapies via diet, herbal supplements, essential oils, etc. She is grateful to live in a time of amazing medical advances and strives to gain education in both eastern and western philosophies. She hopes to continue to help forge a bridge between the two worlds. 

She currently owns and operates an integrative family medical center in Idaho Falls, Idaho, where she enjoys life with her husband and six children.

Melissa Hernandez

– Laser Technician & Esthetician-

Melissa Hernandez was born and raised in Monteview, Idaho.  She is a proud mama of two boys that keep her extra busy. She and her husband enjoy binge watching Netflix, drinking coffee, as well as hanging with friends and family. 

Melissa is one of our amazing laser technicians and licensed aesthetician.  She decided to pursue aesthetics after experiencing struggles with her own skin. Her introduction to aesthetics, and specifically microneedling, was a game changer for her own skin. Microneedling helped a lot with her acne scarring, pore size, and brown spots. While in aesthetics, she fell in love with learning about the effects nutrition and ingredients have on our skin and couldn’t wait to start helping others as part of her career! 

Melissa has spent countless hours engaged in product research and has become an expert in skin-care nutrition and products. Her skin-care research has led her to our household favorites for skin-care products and treatments. Her favorite GlyMed products include: Gentle Facial Cleanser,  Cell Protection Serum, 5 Berry Pigment Control Peel, and the CBD Eye Cream.

Melissa is bilingual in Spanish and English, which makes her an incredible asset to our clients.  Se habla Espanol! Melissa loves her job and most importantly our clients. In regard to our clients, Melissa says, “Our clients make my day when they leave the office with a smile. And knowing i can make them feel beautiful inside and out.”  Her favorite treatment is a facial. Having a clean and fresh face is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. And it helps your skin look younger.  

Call today and schedule an appointment with Melissa to experience all this AMAZINGNESS.

Sydney Edelmayer

– Laser Technician & Master Esthetician-

Born and raised in Idaho, Sydney Edelmayer is from Roberts and graduated in 2017. Went to a semester of college at Idaho State University in Idaho Falls. She quickly found out the whole college thing wasn’t for her. Soon after college, she found aesthetics, to say she was excited, is an understatement. She attended school at NIMA (National Institute of Medical Aesthetics) in South Jordan, UT and graduated in January 2020 with a Master Aesthetics license. Sydney quickly started working at Wholesome Aesthetics after graduation, she loves it there. She learns something new every day and loves coming into work. 

She is a Master Laser Technician and the newer Aesthetician in the clinic. She laughs about everything and usually always has a smile on her face! She loves doing laser treatments and helping people become more confident in their everyday lives. Whether that’s with esthetic treatments, skin care regimens or laser treatments. She loves it all, and loves to see the looks on clients faces when they realize it’s working. Especially when they have more confidence in themselves! Her favorite treatment to have done is Microneedling and her favorite product is The Mega Purifying Cleanser and the Ultra Hydrating Enzyme Mask from Glymed. Sydney will start to be our night time aesthetician. 

Call today to schedule your appointment with Sydney Jo, she can’t wait to meet you!

Becky Bryan

– Laser Technician & Aesthetician-

Making people comfortable and beautiful is not new to Becky. As a child, she often set up shop in her room for her own “spa” using hand lotions, humidifiers, combs and music to give her clients a relaxing experience. Many years later, including five kids, numerous dogs and cats, and several moves around the western United States, Becky is still seeking to help others feel and look beautiful. 

After studying to become an Aesthetician, Becky has learned to treat her skin as a precious commodity and loves to share her knowledge about skincare with everyone who walks through Wholesome Aesthetics. In other words, she loves her job and the people she works with! 

Besides her training at Austin Kade Academy, Becky also has a degree in Interior Design from BYU-I. In her spare time, she loves performing in local theater, writing fiction, playing her guitar and spending time with her family.

Call today to schedule your appointment with Becky or just swing by for a mini concert! 

Cat Lilly

– Big Deal Manager –

Cat Lilly was born overseas in Germany as an Army brat and raised in Edmonds, WA.  She spent her time in Washington on ferry boats, going to live concerts, musicals, and sporting events.   Her husband’s Naval career moved them here in 2016, and she is still adapting to a slower pace. She is mom of three busy kiddos, two cats, and a puppy.  When she is not in the office, she is probably finding new music to listen to, hulu binging, or in the drive-thru at Dutch Bros.  

Cat spent time at the University of Washington before she decided that being a veterinary technician was what she really wanted to do.  After 14 years of treating small animals, she elected to move on to do something more light and found being a receptionist was less stressful but still gave her the opportunity to educate clients.  This is her wheelhouse.   

Cat is our girl Friday here at Wholesome Health and Aesthetics.  She truly has her finger on the pulse of the clinic. Her veterinary medicine experience as a technician has helped her find a balance of being our front-desk gal as well as being Dr. Wheeler’s assistant in many of her medical procedures.  If not at the front desk, she is chatting with a patient while they are numbing for a procedure or holding a hand while they get treatment. She is at her best when she can spend time with patients, making them comfortable, creating a relationship that truly makes Wholesome Health and Aesthetics a step above the rest.   Her favorite procedure or treatment here is getting her 30 minutes in the PEMF chair. Come in and ask her what it can do for you!

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